Seventh Annual Golf Outing a Big Success

All proceeds of the golf outing go to improving the housing stock in Camp Washington through the Camp Washington Community Board development corporation, which was established in 1975.

For 25 years, Camp Washington Community Board has relied on its income from our Mad Max Bingo to pay for staff and the renovation of 52 homes which were in turn sold to owner occupants.  The Horseshoe Casino has cut our profit by 50%.  The proceeds from this golf outing help us fill that gap. THANK YOU!!!

Board Completes 52nd House Renovation and Sale

Joseph T. Gorman • Community Organizer

CWCB has finished its 52nd single-family home renovation and sale. Very exciting project, as we saved a building that was in horrible condition.


We finished the renovation and sale in July 2014 of a house we got from the Hamilton County Land Bank (Pictured below). This was our 51st house completed house. The Camp Washington Community Board has invested over $8 million in residential development since 1975.


Demolition of 1222-24 Bates

Due to several administrative snafus with the City, the vacant eyesore nestled among the twelves houses the Board has renovated on Bates has finally been demolished. As do many of the houses on the north side of Bastes, 1222 Bates sits in front of the former Cincinnati Workhouse wall. One of goals in 2014 is to get Bates Alley cleaned of debris, overgrown weeds, and litter. Notice the big trees in the back yard!

Before                                                                                         After

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